Commercial Roofing Audits

Decades of Experience in the commercial roofing industry.

With decades of experience in the commercial roofing industry, PPC has the expertise to provide thorough, reliable audits of roof design and construction. We bring unparalleled expertise and offer meticulous audits and inspections that set the gold standard in the commercial roofing industry.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity, we stand as your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of commercial roofing. Experience the PPC difference today and unlock the power of your projects like never before. Choose PPC for Your Commercial Roofing Audit – Because Your Roof Projects Deserve the Best!

Commercial Roofing Audits
Commercial Roofing Audits
Commercial Roofing Audits

Why choose PPC for your commercial roofing audit?

  • Decades of Expertise: Our journey in the commercial roofing domain spans decades, equipping us with an unmatched depth of knowledge and understanding. When you choose PPC, you’re entrusting your roof to seasoned veterans who have weathered every storm and conquered every challenge.
  • Comprehensive Audits: From new constructions to existing edifices, our audits leave no shingle unturned. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with Australian Standards or diagnosing elusive leaks, we delve deep to unearth every nuance, providing you with a comprehensive picture of your roof’s condition.
  • Independent Assessment: At PPC, we are fiercely independent. While we have the expertise to connect you with reputable roofing professionals, our allegiance lies solely with you, our valued client. Rest assured, our recommendations are unbiased by any external influences, ensuring that your best interests always take priority.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Our recommendations are as unique as your project, tailored to address your specific needs and concerns.
  • Safeguarding Your Assets: With PPC by your side, you can rest easy knowing we will thoroughly diagnose key problem areas.

Commercial Roofing Audit Report: The PPC Checklist.

By following this checklist, PPC ensures a thorough and systematic approach to commercial roofing audits, delivering a comprehensive report that empowers our clients with actionable insights and recommendations.

  • Introduction – Provide a concise overview of the purpose and scope of the audit.
  • Project Documents – Gather and review all relevant project documents, including specifications and plans.
  • Project Photographs – Capture and document photographic evidence of key aspects of the roof and cladding installations.
  • Client Instructions – Document any specific instructions or requirements the client provides regarding the project.
  • Responsibility for the Installation – Clarify and outline the parties responsible for the roof installation per contractual agreements.
  • Observations of the Installation – Methodically inspect and record observations related to the installation process, noting any deviations from project requirements or industry standards.
  • Conclusion – Summarise the findings from the installation observations, highlighting any areas of concern, non-compliance, or commendable practices. Provide recommendations for corrective actions or improvements as necessary.
  • VCAT Statement – Include a statement regarding compliance with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring that the audit report aligns with legal requirements and industry best practices.
Commercial Roofing Audits
Commercial Roofing Audits